I had the pleasure of having a weekend at Nameer and Barbara’s retreat in Stanthorpe. It was enjoyable, informative and filled with learning. Working outside in iconic bushland was a plus. Nameer and Barbara’s kindness and generosity extended to every part of the weekend. Fabulous food, learning, and company.

Lynne McAlister

Thanks Barbara and Nameer for a very enjoyable weekend. We “immersed” ourselves in the bush around their home and Nameer taught us exciting ways of representing the wonderful granite boulders and bush. We played with patterns, drew and painted and had a wonderful time. Barbara cooked delicious meals. We learnt so much. A wonderful weekend!

Jo Dickinson

Barbara and Nameer thank you so much for such an inspiring, challenging and friendly weekend. We’ve been indulged in so many ways – the sharing of your home, knowledge, wisdom, ideas and wonderful sample of Australian bush.

Anne Leahy

I have learnt so much at Nameer’s workshop and I will carry this new perspective (I hope) into future work. There was also Barbara’s divine food, a big fireplace and a very welcoming home. Thank you both.

Pam Wilson

And so ends a wonderful weekend workshop. I have learnt so much from Nameer and look forward to being a part of his class at the BIA (Brisbane Institute of Art). We were very well catered for with great food by Barbara, warming fires, and adventures into the stunning countryside. I look forward to future workshops, thanks again.

Candice Knobel

Thank you so much Nameer and Barbara for opening your beautiful mountain home to us. The weekend has been an experience that has opened my process, taught me more about colour, mark making, getting me a bit out of my comfort zone … Nameer, I reckon you’re a wonderful teacher and mentor. Barbara, thank you so much for your smiles and great meals. All the best for your future ventures. Hope to see you at camp sometime.

Lisa Carsley Dowall

Thank you for the unique weekend experience. The bush, the rock, the house, the elaborate meals, the good company and of course the painting challenges. I loved it!
I’ve never painted outdoors or looked so hard at the bush. It’s very splintery, varied and all over the place. It was good learning to look. Useful to have the various ‘canvases’ to suggest a different approach. The heat certainly contributed to working speedily, it was fun. It’s a wonderful offering, your workshop, I’d recommend it highly!

Yeen Danser

Thank you for sharing your world of lichens, cypress and granite and the remnants and marks of nature….( including the fascinating insects drawn in by the nightlight!!)…it will all stay with me. As will the amazing meals that you placed before us…thank you Barbara (and Nameer) …loved the Pilau Rice…and Ottolenghi’s Cauliflower Cake. My sincere appreciation of the time and effort that you both put in and I wish you well for the success of your future workshops. I would love to come back.

Linda Shale

The workshop was really stimulating and inspiring in many ways – especially the opportunity to paint en plein air, the companions who painted with me, the sensitive tutorage of Nameer and the food that truly kept body and soul together.

Sandy Dunstan