Summer Cool

Our August workshop proved to us why we are committed to creative encounters at Haneena Hill.

Felicity McArdle

Responsive and enthusiastic, the artists who attended the workshop revealed delicate aspects of the quietly spectacular landscape in their work.

Angela McCleod

Our next workshop is planned for early January 2019 and we will be up there for the whole week. We’re offering the usual Friday to Sunday (4th to the 6th January at $395) as well as a short residency from Friday to Wednesday (4th to the 9th January at $760). The weekend will comprise a tuition-based workshop and, if you wish to practice independently in the environment we provide an extra three nights board and accommodation. Please register your interest by contacting us through the website

Danielle Rochecouste

Please check the previous post for details of the weekend workshop schedule.

Shaaron Boughen

Nameer is away soon to develop some work in two quite different residencies. In October he’ll be in Tanzania joining up with the Nafasi Art Space in Dar Es Salaam at the beginning and end of a drawing tour of the country with workshop and small exhibition planned. For the month of November, in Nigeria he has been invited to participate in the 2018 Lagos International Contemporary Art Festival, developing a project with youth at a local school.

Barbara is part way through some public art projects in Brisbane and, with a new kiln plans to develop her ceramics in the coming months.

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Nameer Davis BAHo, MA maintains a full-time studio practice together with weekly teaching in painting and drawing at the Brisbane Institute of Art. Born in England, growing up in Nigeria, Australia and the UK, with extensive travels to China and Europe, Nameer's work reflects a diversity of cultural influences most recently through pattern and textile. Barbara Penrose BAHo, MA exhibits regularly and has numerous public art commissions across Brisbane and Regional Queensland. In 2006 and in 2011 Barbara was the recipient of Australia Council grants for experienced artist to produce new work. With a background in installation art, sculpture and painting, her current practice mediates between painting, drawing and ceramics.

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