August workshop

Our next workshop is on the 9th to the 11th of August, we’ve got in a load of wood to keep the home fires burning and we’ll have some great warming winter food. The sun is getting higher and we’ll expect the spring breezes to thrill the experience of the escarpments and being in the bush. For workshop details check the information pages on this site and contact us if you’d like to reserve a place.

Participants in the last workshop in June did some exciting work, and weathered challenges walking the terrain in the process of immersing themselves in the landscape.

Artwork by Deborah Hay

They refreshed their visual language with some strong drawing.

Artwork by Helen Rowe

Stared down the challenges of depicting winter forest light.

Artwork by Danielle Rochecouste

and catching the atmospherics of granite boulder volumes.

Artwork by Margaret Turner

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Nameer Davis BAHo, MA maintains a full-time studio practice together with weekly teaching in painting and drawing at the Brisbane Institute of Art. Born in England, growing up in Nigeria, Australia and the UK, with extensive travels to China and Europe, Nameer's work reflects a diversity of cultural influences most recently through pattern and textile. Barbara Penrose BAHo, MA exhibits regularly and has numerous public art commissions across Brisbane and Regional Queensland. In 2006 and in 2011 Barbara was the recipient of Australia Council grants for experienced artist to produce new work. With a background in installation art, sculpture and painting, her current practice mediates between painting, drawing and ceramics.

One thought on “August workshop”

  1. I love Stanthorpe. The huge granite rock formations are beautiful natural sculptures.
    Star gazing at night is another stunning feature due to the clean high altitude air and minimal light pollution (ever present in large towns and cities).


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