MUSE July2020

The winter sun is warming the stone hillsides at Haneena Hill, with light darting through the stringy bark forests. We’ve got a good load of firewood and the house is well warmed by the fireplace.

By popular request we’ve pencilled in 2 weekends in July : 10th – 12th and 24th – 26th, one or both sets of dates could go ahead depending on the show of interest, several artists have so far booked in for the first one.

This workshop is themed with a human narrative, we’ll draw and paint the figure in a landscape both internal and external. A figure immersed in a narrative in a physical terrain. Ever since we were introduced to the landscape at Haneena Hill we’ve understood a human past both real and imagined with reminders of human activity occasionally found in the relic of a stone dam, or a ring-barked monolith. For this workshop we’re imagining a particular emotional scenario developing a narrative of life in the bush combining the unseen past with the visible landscape towards an imaginative outcome.

On day one of the workshop we’ll draw from the model in the landscape. Day two will be an immersive development of the content, detail and style of the drawings.

Please check pages for further information and contact booking

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Nameer Davis BAHo, MA maintains a full-time studio practice together with weekly teaching in painting and drawing at the Brisbane Institute of Art. Born in England, growing up in Nigeria, Australia and the UK, with extensive travels to China and Europe, Nameer's work reflects a diversity of cultural influences most recently through pattern and textile. Barbara Penrose BAHo, MA exhibits regularly and has numerous public art commissions across Brisbane and Regional Queensland. In 2006 and in 2011 Barbara was the recipient of Australia Council grants for experienced artist to produce new work. With a background in installation art, sculpture and painting, her current practice mediates between painting, drawing and ceramics.

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