Figure – Ground Revised

In developing the theme of our current workshops we ask – what is it that deepens a connection to landscape? Past events delivering their experience to the present can enable us to project a relational environment into the landscape.

We start from the idea that there are multiple histories embedded in the country. Visual culture carries threads of stories by style and mode of storytelling – the figure in the landscape can be a conduit for connecting threads flowing through time and space.

Specifically in the coming weekends we plan to have a different model on each day. we’ll present a storyline context for the day which will be divided into two sessions, each with a different angle into the day’s story.

Practical information for the weekend:

Materials – please bring a manageable array of your usual dry and wet materials for drawing and painting. Paper in book form or sheets A4 to A3. Bear in mind we will be walking into the landscape 100 metres or less for the practical sessions so fit it into a carrying bag. A low folding stool would be useful as ants are a significant civilization in this country.

You’ll be entering the bush so you will need protective clothing hat and boots. Please consult weather forecast to decide on necessary clothing. If the weather is really difficult we will be able to use the new studios which are situated in a natural environment with large windows into rock and forest views.

We ask everyone to come to the property at 8 – 8.30 am in order to organize for a 9 am start in the bush situation. Sessions will run from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

We will supply lunch so please let us know by email of your dietary needs if necessary. Bring a flask with you for hot drinks, we can supply tea and coffee with lactose-free milk.

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Nameer Davis BAHo, MA maintains a full-time studio practice together with weekly teaching in painting and drawing at the Brisbane Institute of Art. Born in England, growing up in Nigeria, Australia and the UK, with extensive travels to China and Europe, Nameer's work reflects a diversity of cultural influences most recently through pattern and textile. Barbara Penrose BAHo, MA exhibits regularly and has numerous public art commissions across Brisbane and Regional Queensland. In 2006 and in 2011 Barbara was the recipient of Australia Council grants for experienced artist to produce new work. With a background in installation art, sculpture and painting, her current practice mediates between painting, drawing and ceramics.

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