First workshop

Our first painting and drawing workshop on Haneena Hill in the Amiens Highland forest brought together a really cohesive group of six artists; individuals expending the effort to extract themselves from the city into the cool winter clime of the Granite Belt. (For their comments Search for Reviews in the dropdown menu)

The workshop day began with an early morning immersive walk through the forest and over the granite escarpment. Here, the geometric moss-green spires of cypress pines within a grey and white tangle of Angophra and stringy bark, and there, the weathered waves of grey granite dissolving in the light and brought into visual focus by textures of lichen, algae and moss.

You’re not looking at this landscape so much as looking into it; there are fewer opportunities for the picturesque than for imaginative reflection.

With a tangle of lines like an improvised Chinese ice crystal screen, leading the eye through space with the promise of an emerging shape, an object of some kind is suggested before turning vision in on itself.

A connection between physical movement and visual experience brings thoughts of the Provence landscape’s influence on Cezanne.

His invention of an angular geometry, listing lines suggesting visual perspective and physical movement, as if the human body, tossed in the winds of a highland landscape has only a cosmic scale of gravity to orient itself.

The house worked well to accommodate everyone and Barbara’s kitchen production fed the appetites brought on by the intensive painting and drawing en plein air. Some good Shiraz and Pinot Gris from the nearby Casley Mount Hutton vineyards were a great discovery.

Lynne McAlistair – lichen study

Pam Wilson – tree study

Anne Leahy – escarpment study

Candice Knobel – forest study

Lisa Carsley Dowall – forest study

Joanna Dickinson – granite boulder study